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We welcome you to our new premises here on School Street Kilcock. After 13 years in The Square we had well and truly outgrown our original premises.


We spent many months renovating the building ourselves and thoroughly enjoyed the process. We really hope you do too. Our capacity has more than trebled so we are a lot busier and food can take time so please be patient. If you are not completely satisfied tell us so we can rectify it. If you are happy tell everyone.....


The building itself is called St Joseph's Hall and it was built in 1871 and was one of the earliest educational facilities in the area consisting of 3 classrooms. Despite its appearance it was never a church.


When the School moved from School Street to Highfield it became a building used by the community and owned by the parish.


Its many uses were a boxing hall, badminton hall, scouts den and most famously the home of Kilcock Music and Drama Society

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